Menopause Life Quality Check

Understanding Menopause and Its Impact on Your Life

Menopause signifies a natural phase in a woman's life, indicating the conclusion of menstrual cycles. On average, women in the UK experience menopause around the age of 51, with the 'natural' age range falling between 45 and 55. The transitional phase leading to menopause, known as peri-menopause, can commence up to a decade before this stage. Empower your menopause journey with our Menopause Life Quality Check, aiding you through this significant transition.

During peri-menopause, various symptoms commonly arise, encompassing mood swings, hot flushes, night sweats, cognitive challenges, decreased energy levels, diminished libido, muscle and joint discomfort, and disrupted sleep patterns.

Our Menopause Life Quality Check assessment tool is designed to help you evaluate and understand the multifaceted impact of menopause on different facets of your life. It enables a thoughtful consideration of the various ways menopause might affect you.

Menopause Life Quality Check immage
Questions All of the time (0) Most of the time (1) A Good Bit of the time (2) Some of the time (3) Hardly any of the time (4) None of the time (5)
Severe hot flushes throughout the day
Night sweats most days of the week
Significant vaginal dryness that makes intercourse off-putting
Dry skin with brittle nails compared to previously
Thinning hair on my head with more facial hair
My flushes/night sweats keep me awake at night
Struggle to get back to sleep if I wake at night
I take short naps during the day
I find little energy to do the things I want
I do less than I would like
I feel tired to do everyday tasks
I have a problem remembering everyday things
I struggle to start a conversation and can’t remember what I was saying
I struggle to remember words and labels
I find hard to concentrate on my tasks
I struggle to remember my to do list
I am unable to focus and clear my mind
Depressed about things that didn’t bother me before
I get tearful easily
I feel isolated
I find hot flushes embarrassing and make me feel bad about my appearance
I lack confidence and feel inadequate in comparison to other people of my age
I suffer from unpredictable mood swings
I am too tired for sex
I am not interested in sex
I find intercourse uncomfortable because of dryness
I don’t enjoy sex as much as before
I feel confident about my body and appearance
I don’t have good connection with my partner like before
I get very irritable with people at home
I lose my temper over small things
I scream and shout at people at home
I find housework easy
Because of my symptoms, I sometimes have to get out of places, e.g. supermarket, bus
I have a good appetite
I am finding it increasingly difficult to do my work
I’m afraid to tell anyone at work how I feel
My symptoms make my work tasks harder to complete
At times I want to lock myself away at work
I worry about missing work because of my symptomss
I worry that I might snap at friends or at people at work
I don’t enjoy chatting and socialising as much as before
I am more withdrawn than I would like
Due to my symptoms, I miss out on leisure activities
Things I used to enjoy have become a bit of a chore
I cannot concentrate on hobbies for as long as I used to
I don’t feel enthusiastic about things