PCOS Tracker

Empower Your Health: PCOS Tracker for Ovary Wellness Amplification

Unlock a deeper understanding of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with the PCOS Tracker, a prevalent health concern affecting up to 20% of women. Many underestimate the extensive impact PCOS has on health and overall well-being. Our interactive tool empowers you to assess the multifaceted influence of PCOS on critical aspects of your life. Explore insights into menstrual health, hair and skin vitality, weight management, mental wellness, sexual health, and body image. Take charge of your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life with our comprehensive PCOS Quality of Life Assessment Tool.

PCOS Tracker
Questions All of the time (0) Most of the time (1) A Good Bit of the time (2) Some of the time (3) Hardly any of the time (4) None of the time (5)
My periods are irregular
My periods are painful
My periods are heavy
I had less than 3 periods in the last 6 months
I often experience bloating, low mood, and cramps while on my period
I have excessive hair on my face
I have excessive hair on my arms and legs
I have excessive hair on my chest and back
I have to remove excessive hair with plucking, shaving, threading, creams, or wax
I have significant acne
I have problems maintaining my weight
I have problems losing weight
I cannot enjoy my food and feel guilty about eating things I like
I have a snoring problem and do not get comfortable sleep
I have problems mobilizing and exercising because of my weight
I have problems engaging in sexual intercourse due to physical pain
I have low confidence about my sex life
I do not feel desirable to my partner
I have low libido
I often feel depressed because of having PCOS
I often feel anxious about my health
I feel tired and withdrawn
I don’t feel good about my body
I often feel low because on my PCOS condition